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Huang Cheng-hsiung
Born in 1939, a graduate of the Department of Law of National Chung Hsing University and an honorary Doctor of Law from the Lincoln University in the United States. Dr. Huang has served as a legislator of the Taiwan Provincial Government, legislator, General Manager of Tang Eng Iron Works, and Deputy Secretary-General to the President.

Hsu Chia-tung   
Dr. Xu graduated from National Tainan First Senior High School and the Department of Economics of National Taiwan University, and earned his Ph.D. in economics from Stanford University. Dr. Hsu served as the Vice President of the Central Bank and the Director of the Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica.

Huang Chiu-chung  
Mr. Huang Qiu-zhong was born in 1921 and passed away in 1999. He was a renowned wood carver and created many wondrous works depicting mythical deities such as Old Man of the South Pole on His White Stork, Qilin Delivering Children, the bust of Master Dharma, and the Avalokiteśvara Buddha. Mr. Huang had previously served as a council member of the Tainan County Government and board committee member of Nankunshen Daitian Temple.

Yang Ching-chu  
Born in 1940, Mr. Yang was originally named as Yang He-hsiung. Poor living conditions forced him to provide for his entire family when he was only 20 years old. In 1979, Mr. Yang was arrested for his involvement in the Kaohsiung Formosa Magazine Incident, and released on parole in 1983. In 1985, Mr. Yang was invited to the international author's workshop at the University of Iowa in the United States. In 1987, Mr. Yang became the first chairperson of Taiwan Bihui (Association of Taiwanese Authors) to be the spokesperson of Taiwanese laborers. His short essays include Homeboy, Factory Worker, Factory Women's Gang, Under the Factory Exhausts, and The Plant Belongs to the Workers. He also wrote several essays that include Heart's Marker, Dream to Join the Clouds, and Female Entrepreneur.

Huang Chao-tang  
Dr. Ng was born in 1932. He graduated from the Department of Economics of National Taiwan University, acquired his MA from the Department of International Studies and Ph.D. from the Department of Sociology of Tokyo University. Dr. Ng served as a lecturer in Tokyo University as well as a professor of political studies in Showa University and is currently the director of the World United Formosans for Independence dedicated to the democratization of Taiwan. His works include The International Status of Taiwan and Ng Chiau-tong's anthology.

Public servants and public representatives 
Mayor: Huang Wei-che
City council members: Chen Kun-ho, Tsai-Su Chiu-chin

Artisans and sculptors
Puppet theater artisans: Hsieh Wen-chuan and wife;
Yige (mobile pavilion) artisans: Chin Kuo-chuan, Huang Ching-chuan, Chen Yung-chun;
Flotsam furniture artisans: Tsai Kuo-pin, Tu Chi-wang;
Traditional wood sculptors: Wu Chun-hsi;
Wood carving: Huang Chiu-chung;
Porcelain artisan: Tsai Yong-sheng;
Stone sculptors: Yang Ming-chung;
Traditional painters: Huang Ching-yu;
Luffa gourd sculptors: Chen Fu-liang
Animal stuffing: Huang Meng-hsiung, Chen Wen-ming.

Artists, musicians, and calligraphers 
Artists: Hsu Kun-cheng, Chen Shui-tsai;
Musicians: Chin Hsin-yung;
Calligraphers: Chou Shih-chuan, Li Lian-sheng, Chen Chin-lin.